Cosentino Collection Short Waist Apron - Indigo with Stone Wide Denim Stripe

    We are thrilled to offer our Short Waist Aprons from the Cosentino Collection. This apron style features 2 Standard Pockets and a unique Wine Pocket, perfect for those who love to add a dash of sophistication to their restaurant apparel. The 1” wide, Cotton Webbing Waist Ties make this apron both comfortable and secure, so you can move freely while you work. Plus, with no minimum order requirement, you can order as many or as few as you need. These aprons make a great addition to any restaurant or bar staff uniform program.
  • Features 2 Standard Pockets with Wine Pocket
  • Apron Measurements: 29" Width x 18.5" Length
  • Waist Ties: 1" Wide x 39" Width

Available Color Combinations:

  • Indigo with Stone Wide Denim Stripe, 100% Cotton with Natural Webbing
  • Indigo with Red Wide Denim Stripe, 100% Cotton with Red Webbing

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