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Back-to-School Face Masks

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Introducing Cayson Face Masks

We've made a commitment to get non-medical, face masks into the hands and homes of our schools and communities impacted by COVID-19. 

These washable reusable face masks are fashioned from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

Featuring a double layer of fabric, our handcrafted face masks are pleated for an extra snug and comfortable fit. 

Customized options available including elastic and cloth ties, adult and kid sizes, and a variety of colors. 

For Kids, Parents, & Teachers

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Available in a variety of styles and colors including kids and adult sizes. Ships across the US.

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The Cayson team is hard at work ensuring every stitch is reinforced with durable thread, high-quality craftmanship, and a love for children and teachers in the classroom. 

Questions? Call 1 (800) 971-CHEF (2433) or email for more info.