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Discover the Claud Collection, a special collaboration between partners Joshua Pinsky and Chase Sinzer, their East Village restaurant Claud, and team Cayson.



Claud Collection Bib Apron


Claud Collection Bistro Apron



Located in the East Village, Claud is a wine-centric restaurant by partners Joshua Pinsky and Chase Sinzer in New York City. 

The thoughtful fare with French influences nods to a European style of dining. After opening in August 2022, the Claud team was eager to upgrade their aprons and enlisted Cayson’s help to create custom designs that mirror the spirit and aesthetic of the restaurant. 

Chef Joshua Pinsky has worked with Cayson since 2010. Both the bib and the bistro aprons feature an olive color along with a subtle embroidered C from the Claud logo in a matching thread color. The kitchen team requested a streamlined bib apron without pockets. 

The aprons feature minimal accouterments alongside thin, elegant straps at the neck and the waist. The bistro aprons, worn by Claud’s front of house team, feature a corner-cut double lap pocket. Simplicity and functionality were key for both designs!