The Pet Crew

What can we say, we LOVE animals! Animals and pets are a constant subject at Cayson Designs and so it was natural for us to start using pet names for our unique apron designs that we offer online without minimums.

Our daily companion, Lulu Cayson, keeps us all smiling, calm and happy. Many of us have pets at home and there is no shortage of prominently placed pet photos, animal themed wall calendars and sharing of pet videos on breaks. We embrace our pet culture and are all deeply committed to the humane treatment and overall welfare of animals in our community and worldwide.

It has become well known that pets are beneficial for human heath on many levels. An article posted on the National Center for Health Research website explores the positive impact of companion animals. The article goes into great detail about a variety of people including pet owners, temporary companions for the elderly & children. The findings also include instances of the positive impacts on physical and mental health including; lowering of blood pressure, feeling more relaxed & decreasing stress, feeling less depressed, reducing feelings of isolation or loneliness, fewer doctor visits and less sick days. There is a plethora of valuable information on animal and pet benefits available, but the bottom line is they bring us joy, laughter and happiness.

Beginning January 2016, Cayson Designs is proud to donate 5% of each sale of a selection of Pet Named Aprons (0700 The Mattie, 0900 The Farley, 0400 The Finnie & 0800 The Otto) to SF SPCA.  

We hope you enjoy the pets we currently feature and if you would like to provide a photo and a brief story about your pet pal, we will absolutely consider naming an apron in their honor. Space is limited, but we can always file your information for the future creations.

This is Finnegan, affectionately known as "Finnie". He currently lives in the Mission in San Francisco. Rescued Pet.

Bruno Cayson was a treasured friend and companion.

This pretty girl is Lulu Cayson. She lives in Glen Park, San Francisco, but hangs out with us daily at Cayson Designs.

Mattie is the happiest dog on earth and truly a character. She currently lives in Sonoma. Rescued Pet.

Max is a sweet, senstive guy. He currently lives in Maine…and wears sweaters.

Tammy was a darling Chihuahua and a cuddly pal for many joyful years. 

Murphy was a sweet and loyal companion, always right there by your side.

Megan was the runt of the litter, but what she lacked in size, she made up for in personality.

Farley is a lucky, happy dog who lives at DaVero Winery in Healdsburg. Rescued Pet.

Otto is a beautiful, energetic, athletic cat living in Sonoma. Rescued Pet.

Giuseppe is an adorable, lively Italian Greyhound living in Noe Valley, San Francisco with his mom, Melissa of The Plant People and his sister Lucca.

 This good girl brings high energy and tons of joy to both her family and her Marin County dog pals.

Sandy lives in Richmand and loves treats.

 Sass Cayson is an 8 year old sweet and talented Mare. She resides at Web Ranch in Portola Valley.

Ruby is a 1.5 year old French Bulldog living in Tennessee with her dad, Chef Sean Brock of McCady's and Husk. She enjoys cuddling, napping, chewing on sticks, travelling and generally being adorable.

Lucca is a sweet, cuddly Italian Greyhound living in Noe Valley, San Francisco with her mom, Melissa of The Plant People and her brother Giuseppe.