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Bartender's Corner

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  • The Scout Waist Apron 0430 + More Colors

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    The Scout Bartender Waist Apron is an alternative style to The Scout Bartender Bib Apron which was created based on input from some of the top bartenders and mixologists in the business. This apron has 2 wide set front pockets, one with wine opener. Made out of comfortable, yet durable 100% Cotton Fabrics and Waist Ties. Adorned with 2 Nickel Grommets at the Waist Back, 5 Nickel Jean Rivets on the Pockets and a wide waist band detail. 
    No minimum order required.

    Available in 3 Color Combinations:
    Navy Duck Canvas (100% Cotton) / Ranch Tan Webbing
    Army Green Herringbone Twill (100% Cotton) / Black Webbing
    Indigo Denim (100% Cotton / Brown Webbing 

    Apron Measurements: 28" length x 35" width
    Waist Ties: 39" x 1"

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  • 3230 Men's Bartender Vest

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    The Bartender Vest has been created from a classic design, but with a modern and relaxed silhouette. Made with durable, yet comfortable fabrics. This high cut vest has a convenient, single patch pocket, 5 brass color jean buttons and adjustable side tabs. No minimum order required. Dry Clean Only.

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  • 5120 Bow Tie

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    A smart finishing touch for any bar uniform or server uniform, our classic Bow Tie is made of 100% polyester and delivers a crisp, polished look. No minimum order required.

    2" length x 5" width
    Adjustable Neck Size: 11" to 18"

    Available Colors:

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3 Item(s)